Medea: Guilty as Charged

I am here today to confirm who is solely responsible for the death of four innocent

victims. Medea. She shrewdly murdered the king and his daughter, then proceeded to brutally

violate the little bodies of her own children. Some people may argue that outside factors coerced

her to act irrationally. She wants all citizens to believe that pain and suffering caused by Jason s

disloyalty drove her mad enough to act out so rashly. However, her selfishness compelled her

to plot and carry out these horrible deeds; Jason and others only tried to help her, but she denied

their generosity.

Those people who blame Jason for provoking Medea s insane behavior must realize he is

another victim. Jason has acted righteously and did not contribute to the tragic deaths we speak

of today. In a patriarchal society such as ours, a man is supposed to provide the best life for his

family. Jason wanted the best for his children by marring the king s daughter, and has always

tried to help Medea. Soon after they met, he relieved her of a wretched, barbarian life and

introduced her to our great Greek land, teaching her how to live by law instead of the sweet will

of force (line 526).

When he arrived in Corinth, he further extended his generosity. An opportunity arose to

preserve Medea and breed a royal progeny to be brothers to his children by marrying the daughter

of the great king Creon (584-6). Medea refused to accept all that Jason offered and labeled him

disloyal for seeking another wife. However, our great society allows men to pursue other

relationships when they grow tired of their current companion. Therefore, Jason did not act

beyond his given rights. He actually showed Medea additional loyalty when he went out of his

way to ensure her well-being by calling on the gods to witness that he wished to help her and the

children in every way (608-09). Medea responded selfishly. Her heart on fire with passionate

love for...