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Trinidad Aggregate Products(TAP), is a enterprise situated in Longdenville, Chaguanas Trinidad. It was established in 1976, and is today one of the leading producers of clay products in the region. The company manufactures and markets several products such as holloclay building blocks, decorative/ventilation blocks, bricks and many others. The raw material the plant uses is mined from the back of the plant, processed and then fed through a die to make the blocks. TAP received certification in 1998 by the Trinidad and Tobago Bureau of Standard by maintaining quality production in accordance to ISO9002, which was upgraded to ISO9001 in 2003.
The logistics of the company is very simple and effective. The main raw material they collect and use is clay, which is collected from a maximum of twenty feet below the surface of the earth, as stipulated by the E.M.A. Tests are performed before extraction to know the exact location of different types of material below surface which saves the company time and money. When the raw material is brought to the warehouse where they are stored on the plant, they are organized in terms of relevance to the company by their different shades which represent different quality of raw material. For instance, a red shade indicates high iron content, a brown shade is referred to as grey, and black clay indicates eighty-five to ninety-five percent clay content, which is very rare. These are then mixed with sand to improve the quality further, and the mixture is then used to produce the bricks of the factory.


Trinidad Aggregate Products uses one hundred percent electrical energy to supply their daily demands, however they store diesel trucks outside the building to power the generator in the evident of an emergency or power failure. The heat used to produce and store the blocks, however, is generated using natural gas, accessed through a...