Meanign of Life

Who am I? What is my potential? What are my needs, interests, fears and limitations, goals,

hopes and dreams? How can I best achieve the deepest meaning for my life? These are questions that

we ask ourselves more than once in our life time. There's an answer to these questions for each

individual, but do we all find these answers? That is the main question, and probably our biggest fear.

In this report, I'm supposed to focus on not only the meaning of life, but the meaning of my life.  

Starting off with the question, “Who am I?” Can I simply respond to that question by answering, “I'm

Raynaldo Velez.”? Maybe I can. Some might find it acceptable, but some might find it non acceptable.

But I'm simply me, how else can I explain it? Sure I can describe my traits, race, background,

personality, but if one wants to who I am, then they will have to know me.

At a young age I found myself questioning everything I was told. Although I was raised  

Catholic and attended CCD, a religious teaching program, I always questioned if there Is a God. I

looked upon life as if there was no God and still saw that all of the questions that are constantly asked,

still not answered. At this time, I learned that God was just someone something to believe in. Because

everyone in the world needs something to believe in. I never changed my religion, I stood Catholic. I'm

still open to everything I hear and learn about religions. I don't see any of them right or wrong. I came

into philosophy learning to be open. I was open to all religions, learned their beliefs, but still find

myself questioning. I still have no answer to my questions, but I see that as a positive thing. It got me to

learn more of all other religions and to be open upon all of them.

I'm glad I took this class. It gave me the opportunity to exercise my personal thoughts and

beliefs. I agree with Socrates, that the unexamined life is not worth living. We...