Me825 Research

Task 1

“Noticing is something we all do all the time” (Manson J 2004). Teachers are influenced to notice relevant things that happen in the classroom environment in order to make knowledgeable choices as to how to react to situations as they arise. My reasons for wanting to study the ME825 are mainly my passion for the subject and my desire to develop myself into a top practitioner by discovering new pedagogical approaches for teaching mathematics, learning to be reflective and being aware of my own practices and share best practices with other teachers.

Below there are the key incidents that in my opinion helped constructing my views on learning mathematics.

  *   In Primary School, maths was learnt by repetition. The teacher would ask me to write the 5 timetable every day until it was recalled in the memory. Taught by an old school teacher, it gave me the foundation but not a critical way of studying. I learnt it without questioning the methods.
  * In year 8, my maths teacher spent the whole lesson solving very complicated problems on the board and telling us to copy it down without explaining it.
  * In years 12/13 my teacher wrote problems on the board and explained it slowly and asked questions to the class after each step. For every problem he showed the method and told us to follow it strictly.
  * At University, my maths teacher did mini tests every week with of previous homework’s and made sure we memorised methods and practiced it.   We were allowed to take use a methods and formulas sheets.

After my experience with my year 8 maths teacher, where every child in my class failed maths apart from a girl whose mother was a teacher, I found maths very confusing and frustrating. So I tried studying maths as if I wanted to prove a point and show that teacher I was not a failure. I was not going to let him disempowered my passion for school and in particular for maths. I struggled to achieve good results but my mathematical thinking changed...