Me N Borhter

It Happens Right?
I remember this like if it was yesterday. Getting pull out of class to go to the school office in addition, being escorted by the school police officer was the most intense moment of my life. This experience was the most unique experience I have ever encountered because I had never felt a feeling that almost broke me down physically. I mean my legs were shaking, I couldn’t speak for nothing, I was nervous, and I also felt like the situation I was in was going to change everything in my life.
Everything started in the summer of 2009, after my junior year of high school was done my mind was concentrated on one thing; trying to become an all-conference player for soccer. In the past years I had come very close to my goal but I never made it because I had only made it to be an honorable mention player. But my senior soccer season was going to be different because I was going to be dedicated to the sport. My friends and I used to go practice every day to the soccer field in order to get better. This action became a habit and since we played soccer everyday with the crew when decided to created some name for our crew, and we came up with the idea to call ourselves the Clyde Park Boyz. The reason behind this name; is that we all lived closed to the street of Clyde Park. And from then and on we were known as the Clyde Park Boyz.
We took pride on our little crew name we created in the summer. We took pride in our names by posting up things in the Social Networks of Myspace and Facebook. We created videos of us playing, pictures of us hanging out, and pictures of us playing soccer. Once school started our crew was pretty well known in school and in the streets. Everyone knew about us and what we did. We played soccer and we were the best among others. Many people join us because they wanted to be part of the movement. We originally started with five members and we ended up with 20 members but all the members attended to our school.
Being part of the...