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Are You A Good Com

Are You A Good Communicator?

        I   found that   effective communication is the key in the health care critical for health care professionals. They say that   the key foundation of any coworkers is being able to communicate clearly. With the help of effective communication people are able to define and understand goals and shear and receive the information better. When there is a lack of communication in the health care industry it can cause a poor medical care and mistakes in patent’s medical history. Therefor; clarity is a must in the health care industry. Active listening is also a part of better communication skills. We all need to be listening when   we   work in the   health care field.   The relationship is a lot   better   when we all can work together   and be able to under stand each other. It   can very   difficult if we   do not work   together.   It can be very   dangerous in the health care industry.

          The supportive and defensive communication is everywhere and lasting. In the health care environment supportive communication is appropriate then defensive communication. Supportive communication expresses encouragement and understanding when communicating with others while during defensive communication the individual feels defended, anxious or threatened.   During communication as a individual becomes defensive they are less able to recognize the values and senders emotions.   Supportive is what seems to be   better   for   the healthcare   envioment.   There needs tobe more expressed   encouragement.   There should   also be a understanding   and with this one it   seems to   give this.   It is better   for the   professional level than ther personal level to make   sure that are on the   right page.

                        Assertive   communication allows you to share information openly, honestly,
and respectfully while allowing others to do the same. This interpersonal approach builds trust, helps prevent conflicts, and...