Mcommerce & Mpayment Market Outlook and Overview Research Report

Global M-Commerce and M-Payment market dynamics, opportunities and challenges, extensive forecasts on users and revenues in banking, payment, and insurance sector both globally and regionally with cases and future roadmaps of exemplary telcos in the segment.

Executive Summary

Mobile commerce will witness strong growth in the coming years – both in terms of subscribers and revenues. The purpose of the Report is to help businesses in identifying the lucrative revenue opportunities and making future-proof investments and strategies.

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MNOs have an obvious opportunity in mobile payments due to network ownership and existing relationship with a huge chunk of target segment. Consequently, many operators are formulating strategies to leverage this advantage and to expand their portfolio in banking and payments. In November, 2010, AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon formed a joint venture to create a mobile payment company called Isis, which was later rebranded as Softcard. In 2015, Google acquired the Softcard's intellectual property to integrate it into its competing Google Wallet service. Several such initiatives are taking place around the world. However, the successful launches will have to create a win-win situation for incumbents, telcos, banks, merchants, and disruptive small players.

In the 2nd Chapter, we have segmented the M-Commerce market in four broad categories - Mobile Banking, Mobile Payments, Mobile MicroInsurance (MMI), and Mobile Ticketing and Mobile Coupons. This chapter analyses these broad categories with latest trends and case studies of exemplary players in respective segments.

The following Chapter examines the current M-Commerce market dynamics and important developments. Many organisations such as Amazon and Google are successfully leveraging the mobile devices to drive revenues; however most of the MNOs are lagging far behind in their approach...