*Evaluate methodologies for gathering and responding to customer feedback *and analyze the impact of feedback on strategies
In order to accomplish this, the first part of the report explores the different methods of customer feedback system in McDonald’s. Second part explains the impact of customer feedback in McDonald’s customer care strategies.
Using the technology that McDonalds have in place, they are able to receive and record customer feedback in a variety of ways. Every customer contact, be it by internet, phone or letter, is captured onto a customer services database which is also used by other major retailers in the customer service industry. By properly using this type of technology, they are able to ensure that each and every customer receives an accurate, personal and timely response. The largest single feedback channel is the internet.
The ‘Contact Us’ page was introduced onto the McDonald’s Website in 2000 and ever since then it has been the most favoured way for their customers to provide feedback. The general increase in internet usage and the ease speed made this feedback channel simpler.
The remainder of contacts are received by letter and telephone. These contacts are then coded to reflect the type of feedback being given, a system that then enables McDonald’s to analyse and report on this information. Letters are received into the department, manually logged and carefully coded to reflect the main cause of concern or query. The telephones calls they receive are sent through an automatic call divert system to ensure that they are tracked, monitored and timed. Unlike other systems, after the initial welcome message there are no further messages, menus or queues. The customer or McDonald’s employee is put straight through to a member of the Customer Services team for assistance.
Mystery customers:
A frequently used method of acquiring hands on information about the standard of service delivered to...