Mcdonald Essays

McDonald had change a lot in recent years. Since it was founded back in 1955, McDonald has become popular in fast food chain. The wold largest chain of fast food hamburger headquarters in United States. Early years, there`s only few hamburgers available but today there`s more than ten type of burgers.

While people are more focus on healthy food , McDonald promote their high calories burgers. That is why government policy intervine on the fast food regulation. Government are controlling the numbers of fast food restaurant because of health concern that affected many consumers. By limit the license for fast food restaurant, that will also limit the numbers of fast food chain.

With the high demand of their hamburgers, they need all the raw materials to be there all the time. If the local market can't provide the materials, they can import it (international supply). Branches and franchises of fast food chains like McDonald has the possiblity to experience hardship in instances where the economy hit by inflation.For a fast food restaurant, technology does not give a very high impact on the company. But they using technology for their marketing purpose like advertisement for their products. Younger consumer like to watch televison and with that, McDonalds use this marketing tools to attract youth and others too.

Consumers who have the desire will be McDonald’s burger. People age 30 and below are the largerst consumer for Mcdonald. While more people are able financially to eat at more expensive outlet such as fast food restaurant, they have higher expectation. They want to have quality in services and more conveniences that can differentiate one restaurant from another.