Mccain Gas Holiday

A Gas Tax “Holiday”
By: Nechama Silberstein
      There is no question as to the seriousness of the quickly rising gasoline prices, increased cost of produce, and the declining housing market being a great concern for many if not most Americans. We are constantly ambushed with news related, to these topics and given promises from presidential candidates of various things they will do to "fix" and to strengthen our economy.

            John McCain recently presented his plan for supporting and enhancing the economic status of all Americans by instituting a "Gas-Tax Holiday" from Memorial Day through Labor Day. This three month gas tax relief plan, according to John McCain's Comments on April 15, 2008, will be an "immediate economic stimulus."

            Adversaries of John McCain's Tax plan, Americans for Transportation Mobility (ATM), stated they believe the "Gas-Tax Holiday" would "devastate our national transportation system" and not provide the economic stimulus promised to consumers. ATM stated in a newswire on April 15th, that the so called holiday would save the consumer an average of about $28.

          When one considers Senator McCain's plan on the surface, it seems like it is a good idea and makes sense to enact this. Although in many Americans opinions, it sounds like a great political move so that each time someone in America puts gas into their vehicles at a "bargained" rate, they will more likely remember it was John McCain who pushed for the cut in gas prices.

        This three-month "holiday" will definitely have an impact on the resources for our transportation system, but should the plan work, when the prices drop dramatically it may also be a time for John McCain, or another politician to say “we should now increase the previous tax rates by two or three cents each,” which would quickly add up and restore the shortage created by the proposed "holiday". Even though the “holiday” may look convenient one must think, is it really...