Mba Application Essay

Statement of Purpose

I never imagined going to business school until this year. Then again, I never anticipated being where I am now as a special events manager for a non-profit organization. Upon graduating from Muhlenberg College, I always thought I wanted go into the corporate world and climb the corporate ladder with my exceptional networking skills. In pursuit of this goal, I interviewed for a corporate recruiter position and was immediately hired. After six months of working with people who were solely concerned with their own financial gain, I realized the corporate world wasn’t for me. I wanted to enter a career path that had more meaning in life and that is when I became an events manager at the American Cancer Society.

Working for a non-profit has taught me to appreciate my job. It may not be the most lucrative, but at the end of the day I know that I am making a difference. I have been working at the American Cancer Society for the past three years as an events manager coordinating a large-scale black tie gala and a new athlete endurance program called DetermiNation. I have grown the DetermiNation program from one event with 75 participants to five events totaling almost 300 participants. In addition, I have helped the gala cut approximately $8,000 in unnecessary expenses in order to increase the overall money raised. During my time at the American Cancer Society, I have learned that my true passion is working on events and raising money for a remarkable organization. However, I have also recognized that for a portion of the year, I am not heavily working on events and my salary is taking valuable life saving money away from the organization. This has led me to apply for an MBA from the Rutgers Business School.

In my future career, I foresee myself starting my own consulting firm. Since I was young, I have always had the dream of starting my own company. With an MBA in entrepreneurial studies from Rutgers, my dream can become a reality. I am...