Maths Level One

Level 1 Functional Skills September 2011 Version 1.0

Maths Sample assessment paper 2
Length of assessment: 1 hour 30 minutes

You should have the following for this assessment • a pen with black or blue ink • a pencil and eraser • a 30cm ruler • graph paper • a calculator • a protractor. • You may use a dictionary. General instructions • There are 3 tasks to complete. • Each task is worth 20 marks • You should spend an equal amount of time on each task. • Read through each task carefully. • Show your working out. You may get marks for it. • Check your calculations. • Remember to put units on your answers. • Write all working out and answers in this booklet. Learner Name:


Task 1 Takeaway meals There are 15 marks available for this task. Introduction This task is about ordering takeaway meals. You and your five friends eat together every Saturday evening. 1A You want to order set meals.

Decide which set meals you will order for yourself and your five friends. What is the total price of the set meals you chose? Show your working.
17,40 + 9,20 = £ 26,60

Meal numbers chosen 150 , 156 Total price 1B

You have a voucher

How much money will you get off the whole order? Show your working
0,15 x 26,60 = 3,99

Amount of money off 1C

£ 3,99

What is the total amount to pay for the whole order with your voucher? Show your working
£ 26,60 - £ 3,99 = £ 22,61

Total amount to pay

£ 22,61

1D Make a table to summarise your order. Include the Set meal numbers Quantity of each meal Prices Amount of money off Total amount to pay
- 150, 156 -2,4 - £ 9,20 , £ 17,40 - £ 3,99 - £ 22,61

1E You and your five friends will share the total cost of the meals equally. How much money will each person pay? Show your working
26,60 : 6 = 4,43

Each person will pay


1F You order all the meals by telephone at 6.50 pm. The restaurant tells you that it will take ¾ hour to deliver your order. What time...