Mastering a Skill

I believe that one of the skills that all people should have is how to use a computer.   In today’s world, there is an abundance of information available at your fingertips.   Everything from checking on social security benefits for seniors, to getting health and diet information from websites like the one that the Mayo Clinic has made available, to checking on how much the properties in your neighborhood have sold for, to managing your banking and investments online.   All you need is a computer and the skills to use it.
It surprises me how many people either do not know the basic concepts behind a computer, or have absolutely no idea what you can accomplish with one.   I know some people that use a computer but constantly struggle to do what I consider the very basic uses of one; email, web browsing, or simply writing a letter.
In my opinion, I believe everyone could benefit from taking beginner computer classes.   We have some friends that come over and have me look something up for them on the computer as they watch, and are amazed by what I consider VERY basic things.   As an example, a neighbor asked me if I could get her phone number placed on the National Do Not Call registry, to block her phone number from unwanted telemarketer calls.   When she came over, I fired up my laptop, went to Google and typed in “do not call”, pulled up the website, and had her registered, all within five minutes.   She was stunned.
There are almost unlimited uses and tasks that can be accomplished with a computer, from organizing a to-do list, keeping in touch with friends or family, using a word-processor to write a letter or a newsletter for a club or organization, to shopping, among other things.   Another example; just last week our 16 year old washing machine quit working, and after I discovered the problem, I searched on-line for parts to repair it.   After I reviewed the cost of the parts for the repair, and took the age of the washer into consideration, my wife and I...