Master Harold and the Boys

Write a character description of Hally’s mother and father, in your discussion make sure to include what you think is their relevance/contribution to various events in the play.
An in depth analysis on the relevance of Hally’s mother and father in the play, “Master Harold and the boys”.

The play, “Master Harold and the boys”, written in 1993 does have certain roles played by Hally’s parents throughout the play. The role of the relationship between Hally and his parents effects Hally’s character and his feelings towards certain prospects in life in the play.

Hally’s mother plays the role of the communicator in the play relaying information to Hally about his father’s medical condition. Hally is very honest with his mother and tells her exactly how he feels at the prospect of his dad moving back into the house. He does not hold any feeling back with his mother showing that he trusts her and wants to influence her to not allow his father to get out of hospital just yet. Hally however does hold a sense of power over his mother continuously barking instruction and not showing much respect as he tends to talk down to her. He does however show some kind of respect in apologising for his tone, “I’m not being disrespectful” (Fugard 38). This shows that the reader can sense he is normally much more respectful but because of the current situation he allows his anger and frustration to get the better of him and he cannot hold back his feelings. This may come across in a disrespectful manner; however the reader must have some kind of a sense of justification on his part, as he is angered by the situation of his father’s return.

Hally’s relationship with his father on the other hand is more complicated within the play. Very early on he makes it clear that he does love his father dearly in the lines, “Don’t misunderstand me chaps. All I want is for him to get better. And if he was. I’d be the first person to say: ‘Bring him home’” (Fugard 27). By saying this to both...