Masking Poor Communication

Miscommunication in Marriage
Marriage is the perfect recipe for miscommunication because of the trust and reliance two people share.   It is a common saying that when two people spend a lot of time together they tend to share similarities; they complete each other’s sentences, anticipate the other person’s needs, adopt their mannerisms, and in some cases look like each other.   This is where miscommunication comes in.   Individuals start to expect their partners are in tune with them and do not feel the need to explain or communicate in detail.   Another scenario is the rejection of detailed information from one of the partners.   One may feel an overabundance of communication is over explaining or nagging.     As cited, “Our problem in communicating with friends and spouses is that we have an illusion of insight” (Nicholas Epley, 2011).  
Very Green Christmas
This is the story of miscommunication and a husband that only wanted to make his wife happy.   The story actually started earlier in the summer of 2000 when my husband and I purchased our first home.   We were decorating the living room and with little money in hand we headed to Walmart.   Some people may be able to make a room fabulous with the local Walmart tchotchkes.   I on the other hand, get a little distracted.   I found a green pillow with maroon and gold embellishments and it was the center of my design.   Before I knew what I was doing I had two carts full of green accoutrements.   In my husband’s mind, this amount of green left no room to question, green was my favorite color.   The problem here, green is a lovely color but not my favorite; I blame the pillow.   Wanting to make me happy, my husband made a note of my décor choices.   When the holidays came around he put his plan into action and gathered everything for the Green Christmas.   There was a forest green full length coat, a green duvet, evergreen dinner wear, at least a dozen green tchotchkes, and to top it off an emerald ring.   The shock on my face...