TO: Parents
FROM: Teenaged kids
It has come to the point in which our age as high school students, who are soon to be off on our own, no longer need curfews. It is absolutely absurd that you all think punishment should be given if we, as young adults, are not home by a certain time. In actuality, you all are setting us up for failure in the real world when we are let loose by the age of eighteen. When in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for teenagers to dissolve curfews for the reason of us wanting to be trusted more for better adaption into adulthood.
Parents are supposed to prepare their children for the real world as much as possible. This can be better accomplished with real world experiences in which will not be attained with a curfew set so early in the night hours. We hold these truths to be self-evident that more responsibility, trustworthiness, appreciation, care, and positive support.
Human’s teenage years are the years in a lifetime in which are meant to be spent having fun, creating memories with friends. This cannot be accomplished with curfews set in order to restrict teenagers from living their lives. It irritates us, frustrates us, and makes us want to rebel from this great load of untrustworthiness. To prove this, let facts be submitted to show that kids with freedom and no curfew are more responsible later in life, more successful later in life, more social, more respected, and overall better human beings.
Prior, we have attempted an agreement upon a later curfew, no curfew, as well as if certain things are done around the house a night out would be accepted, however you have denied all requests for no curfews. Therefore, we as teenagers declare that we will no longer have curfews and if one if to be continued to be set, we will not come home until you propose a consensus. We pledge our freedom, independence, responsibility, and right to have no curfew for the purpose of better preparing us for the future....