Marxist and Functionalist Debate

Using material from Item A and elsewhere, assess the view that the education system exists mainly to select and prepare young people for their future work roles. (20 marks - Jan 2011)
Some people would agree that education is vital to create a fully functioning society. This is believed by a group of sociologist know as "Functionalists." They have a theory called "biological analogy," which is the comparison of society with the body parts. For example all the body parts work together to create a healthy (functioning) person. In the same way society because it is believed that if one thing is wrong in society (in the body e.g. heart) we would not be able to function as people (so if family, law, education ......... is wrong or bad, society would deteriorate). In this essay I will be discussing education in this idea and argue weather education is just a way to keep us indoctrinated and obey the higher class. This point is believed by a group of sociologists called "Marxists."
Firstly, functionalist believe that schools prepare us for the working world. This is done by teaching us Ict, numeracy and literacy skills. This is shown by Bowles and Gintis's theory that "schools mirror the workplace." However, Marxists would argue that education is just a way to make us become obedient and respect authority by children being indoctrinated to look up to the higher class. To leave us with no brain so that we cannot question "Capitalism" or see that we are being "exploited." We can see this view clearly from Bourdieu when in 1973 he claimed that "education benefits the ruling class, who possess cultural capital." It is clear in Article 1 that there are many graduates who cannot find work (in the carrier they want or not at all) at the moment due to the population competition and the fact that Capitalism is employing people for longer hours with little pay. This could become a big issue in the future and a outburst of riot could occur to get rid of Capitalism. If we are not...