Martha New Coat

English (ESL)
Assessment Task Number 3- BLOG Srilakshan Paheerathan

Task Description
You are the director of the film The Proposition. Write a blog on your experiences making the film, explaining why you made the decisions you did. Focus on the following elements:
  * setting
  * characters
  * ideas
Welcome to my blog on my latest film ‘Martha’s New Coat’. My name is Rachel ward and I had the most significant role in putting the film together and that’s being the director and believe me, it’s not an easy job. When Elizabeth J. Mars came up with this ‘undeniably impressive’ story, I started visualizing it and considered all the ideas that we were trying to show; this greatly helped me select the actors perfect for their character.
I have created a film highly delves into the concept of establishing connections with people, places and object. ‘Martha’s new coat is a Australian film, set in the Australian outskirts in the 2003. Martha is played by Matilda Brown who also a teenage. I personally reckon this is a very unique film portraying lots of ideas that are present in a teenage whose parents are split. That’s why I am here writing this blog, to outline the sense of belonging; I was trying my best to portray these ideas through the film.

The film commence with Martha swinging in an extremely lonely environment. The creaking noise of the swing and Martha spinning and twining the chain symbolises Martha’s convolved life in which she is still trying to find in herself

Although Martha has few numbers of friends she appears to be a very introverted individual who lacks the ability to socialise and interact with fer friends. This is effectively portrayed by