Martha Carrier

Lies of Protestors on Trial against “The Witch”, Martha Carrier
By painting the picture of Martha Carrier as a witch instead of a modern day woman, the community of Salem sustains itself. After a person reads the text, the communities’ testimonies could seem superficial and unmerited. The testimonies verified that Martha Carrier was not a witch; she was just an average, strange, and angry person who lacked communication skills. If an individual reads between the lines of each scenario, many questions are brought to mind to search for the truth. Each testimony brought forth against Carrier suffocated her with hearsay allegations.
The first testimony, prior to the trial, stated that Mrs. Carrier’s children came forth confessing that they were witches because their mother made them do so. Adults control the way children are raised, which could consist of manipulating a child’s mind to believe something is not true.   For example, if a child is taken back in the judge’s chambers of a courtroom and questioned over and over again, “Are you a witch?” Every time the child said no, they were whipped or threatened. Eventually a child will develop a demented stimulation in the brain to make the pain and yelling stop, which then causes a child to protest the untruthful statement of “I am a witch.” What they do not know is even if you state you are a witch, death is still upon a child. The same goes for stating their mother made them that way. In this scenario it also states, “Nevertheless, this evidence was not produced against the prisoner at the bar, inasmuch as there was other evidence enough to proceed upon (311).” If no evidence was produced, where is this case? The court could have issued a warrant stating to search the household for witchery material. In this book it is not stated whether or not the house was searched for evidence. Yet, for argumentative purposes, the fact should be taken into account. . No evidence means no conviction in today’s world. Though in...