Billy Al Bengston, an American born in 1934. Bengston created a work of art on Acrylic Canvas called "Lili," created in 1983. It was a figurative tradition of Hawaii’s visual culture and Bengston' life there. The running figure depicts himself, an avid athlete who jogged the islands daily. It shows that he ran in the presence of the Hawaiian Kahunas (Gods), which stand silhouetted in conversation against the deep Blue Sea. During the early 1950s, Bengstons work of art soon became central to art in Southern California by combining Pop Art with color field painting.
"Flood" 1967, Helen Frankenthaler, also uses Synthetic polymer on canvas with acrylic painting. Both these artist have similar techniques in creating a fine piece of pop art. Her sense of work was staining her canvases with oil and acrylic which created such an intense atmospheric painting to generate as Flood. Frankenthaler worked on the floor and she poured paint directly on the canvas, she was able to make the painting seem spontaneous, even though it was 124 x 140 inches, a large scale of work similar to Frankenthaler. Frankenthaler uses materials used to make plastic mixed with turpentine. Bengston and Frankenthaler both seem to appear to have similar elements of abstract pieces of work by using an extremely versatile and fast drying paint known as acrylic paint. Both artist have very similar techniques that creates an art work using water colors and oil painting which gives a unique characteristic style thats not attainable with other media, and this gives them a different sense of abstract style. 
I noticed Bengston uses line throughout his piece, relatively to its width which defines space that creates an outline of a person, pattern and story. It implies movement and structure but no type of texture, mass or volume. He uses composition, which applies to any work of art, it is the placement and arrangement in his work of art that conducts a “putting together” structure. Bengstons art...