There is no silver bullet. We all have a circle of influence. People are influenced by those they trust,people do not want to be sold to. They want to interact and be heard,you cannot control the conversation, but you can participate in it
From marketing prespective.
4 p’s product, price ,place, promotion
4 r’s relevant, real ,responsive, relationship .    
Although social media is “one-to-many” broadcast marketing, at the end of the day real results will occur when “one-to-one” relationships are formed.
It takes creativity not only in the kitchen, but also in knowing how to market your brand and connect with the customer. Social media is an innovative and cost efficient way Mt.Lab restaurant owners and managers can generate more buzz and create more loyal customers.
In addition to a typical blog, leverage social media by the following means: Youtube channel where weekly/bi- weekly posts describe some of the techniques and how-to posts from the blog.   Each restaurant news item that would warrant a press release is distributed via the web and posted on the website to enhance SEO(search engine optimization) benefits of relevant, keyword-rich content added frequently.   Google news and blog alerts are set up to monitor   what people are saying about the restaurant
A monthly e-newsletter is sent to an opt-in email list to announce special events, special menus and more.Mt.Lab is not   active on Yelp! We recommend going on yelp or local Japanese food review site and include a link on its website to encourage users to leave reviews there. They’ve recently started a Facebook brand page for the restaurant as well. Recommend them to post bulletins, blog posts and events on Facebook
Go on twitter and follow people of this place. Get followers on twitter . Currently is running an ice cream(family sundae) giveaway promotion on its Facebook page through November 6.
Create online community:
Recommend them to setup a community to increase communications between the company...