There is a misunderstanding that social media are only few popular networking sites such as
Face book and Twitter, but Merriam-Webster dictionary defined social media as “forms of electronic communications (as Web sites for social networking and micro blogging) through which users can easily create their own online communities to exchange information’s, ideas and other content. The rise of these online communities has given business and chance to engage in conversations with their customers. It helps them to better understand what actually people want so that they can tailor both their products as well as their marketing efforts accordingly. Advertisement through social media has proven to be more effective than traditional media outlets such as radio, newspapers etc. As stated by Stephen and Galak in their article the Complimentary roles of traditional and social media in driving marketing performance, ” Social media is a relatively new forms of publicity, and yet the impact of more traditional forms of publicity on marketing outcomes has received disproportionately less attention…”  
The most important aspect of social Media is that it is participative and dynamic.(Evans,2008).Social Media is producing digital footprint of an individual which in turn multiplying the entire world at very fast pace. There are various logical effects for an enterprise to choose Social Media marketing of their products/services-
1) Target Customers are spending significant amount of time on social networking sites and other web spaces. Thus, the customers should feel your presence in the area.
2) Social media is an interactive space. It helps the enterprise to interact with their audience personally.
3) Social media has participative nature; people can provide suggestions to your product/service.