It is obvious that significance transformations have occurred in today’s market.   Technology has provided everyone with a platform to do accomplish just about anything imaginable.   The technological use of the internet has developed a comprehensive interactive global experience that has enhanced everything from communications to information sharing. It been extremely beneficial in the production of new products and financial gains to small business competing for customer’s satisfaction on a desired product using low cost marketing to take their stake in multi-billion dollar transactions made each year through planning and the properly blending the four Ps.  

While we all understand that this not always the norms in every society these changes could create a drastic downside   implications on companies and investors.   If the marketing department of a record company doesn’t   properly develop an enhanced plan to address the needs and wants of the customer; the overall success of the product is doomed to fail.   The old advantage of   knowing the details of the four Ps is still prevalent to many firms.   Today the record labels can advertise/purchase rights from various internet media companies to disseminate their music via the World Wide Web for a very low cost but, not being able to predict the fickle of the customer is critical to future profit or loss.

While we are able to communicate and display our goods and services on the internet, we don’t always get what we bargain for upon delivery.   For example, I ordered a bottle of Acid Berry supplement from a company online only to find out later that my information had been sold to another company and I was pending charges for products I never purchase.   The technology is definitely been a financial boost to many firms but, it still can not account for the ill effects of human beings negative actions to take over your identity (PCM, pages 101- 102).    

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