Maslow Hierarchy of Needs
In order to effectively understand the needs of the target market, one must understand the motive behind consumer decision-making. Motivation is what moves people, the driving force behind all human behaviour. It is also defined as the state of drive or arousal that impels behaviour toward a goal object (Mittal, S. 2004). As the targeted consumer is not an individual but a commercial organisation, it is important that New Wave focus their marketing efforts on positive and rational motivation. It is the marketers’ opinion that the needs, wants or desires of the consumer will create goals and drive the motivation for the business and its individuals to take action.
Furthermore, it is New Wave’s belief that the consumers decision making process is rational, whereby the business and the buying centre, will consider all alternatives and choose those that give them the greatest utility (Shiffmann). Due to the business-to-business nature of selling and marketing the E-Corp. Phone, the consumer will have multidimensional needs, which will consist of personal motivations, interpersonal relations and organisational constraints (Lambin).
Kotler (2008)defined the marketing mix as the set of controllable marketing variables that the firm blends to produce the response it wants in the target market. In relation to the markets technological needs, New Wave will use the product variable within the mix to increase arousal and curiosity of the product through not only the physical capabilities (LCD screen, USB connectivity and touch screen keyboard), but also the styling, features and branding of the phone will play a crucial part in increasing competitive advantage and market positioning.
As defined by Fill (1999), personality is, essentially, concerned with the inner properties of each individual, those characteristics that differentiate each of us. In order for the product to be successful, New Wave must understand how personality influences...