Business Values and Ethics
A Case Study

Question 1:
The government of Thailand also known as Royal Thai Government (RTG) has opened a new golf course in the Nakornrachasima province of the country. As per the government’s claim the main intent for opening up of the golf course is to improve the living standard of the people and to present a successful economic model (Brakel, 2000). For successful operation of the Golf course it is very important to evaluate the golf course on the basis of the Triple Bottom Line. The triple bottom line provides three parameters for the sustainability of the golf project. The three parameters are profit, planet and people. Within a few days of its opening the golf course is attracting lot of tourists towards it. The main reason that more tourists are coming to this golf course is its proximity to some of the best hotels and resorts in the province. Also the services offered in this golf course is of world class levels thus more international tourists are attracted towards the golf course. The golf course has some of the best national and international athletes to train people in the sport which has major draw of attraction among the golf lovers. This has resulted in the financial success of the golf course. The golf course also has reduced turf grass area which has resulted saving around 25% of water and saved additional expenditure on labour to maintain the turf grass (Brophy, 2014). The golf course also has implemented efficient lighting systems and occupancy sensors to reduce the energy cost. In order to prevent the local communities from the harm of pesticides the golf course has adopted the policy to reduce the levels of pesticide by implementing innovative irrigation technology. This has reduced the water problems for the local communities. This process has resulted in saving money which can be spent in purchasing seeds and organic nutrients for the turf grass. The opening of the Golf course has also opened a new...