Defining Marketing Paper
Running Head: Defining Marketing

Defining Marketing
Thomas C.Macfoy
University of Phoenix

The purpose for this paper is to personally define marketing and to include two more definitions from other sources. In addition to this the paper will seek to explain the importance of marketing in organizational success and three examples from the business world to support the explanation.
Personally, I will define marketing as the process in which producers and consumers come together on a common ground for the purpose of exchanging goods and services for what will satisfy their individual or collective needs and having profitability in mind. In their article ‘Marketing’ Eliashberg, Jehoshua, and Gary L. Lilien define marketing as” the process by which sellers and buyers find each other and by which goods and services move from producers to consumers.”( World Book Student. 2009). In his blog “Defining Marketing” John Crickett defined marketing as “the process of identifying the customers wants and needs, refining the businesses offering to meet them and then communicating to the customer how the businesses product or service satisfies those wants and needs”(marketing, October 3rd,2007)
Organizations wanting to be successful in achieving their goals must have a thorough knowledge of the important role that marketing plays in organizational success. An organization cannot neglect marketing and expects to succeed in the world of business. Moreover, take away marketing from an organization and the result will almost be immediate. Without marketing, an organization is destined for failure and consequently disaster. Based on the above definitions of marketing, the role it plays in an organization can be summarized under the following points:
Firstly, marketing enables an organization to identify the needs and wants of its potential customers. Any successful organization must be customer –oriented. The organization must first of all...
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