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Healthy Snack Options – Marketing the Business
Learning Team B
University of Phoenix
July 1, 2012
Steve Williams

Healthy Snack Options – Marketing the Business
After developing the healthy lifestyle products, the logical conclusion of a distribution channel used for these products would be directly through wholesalers. To make the product reach farther destinations, getting an intermediary would help expand into other markets. “Distribution has always been about maximizing warehouses, people, and technology” (Rosen, 2012). Buying and selling a good works in many ways. Joining the retailer’s distribution channel will allow the product to travel along regional stores along with independent small businesses. The distribution channel will be intensive. Supplying the product in popular areas, such as malls and other outlets allows for people to eat healthy whenever they feel the need for hunger and they will not be grabbing Snickers (the candy bar). Enough intermediaries will bring potential for a higher pricing point on the product.  
Appropriate Relationship Marketing
Better health and good nutrition are the stepping stones to a longer life and lower health costs. Children who eat breakfast do better in school. Eating well gives people more energy and fewer health risks. Diabetes, heart disease, and cancer risks decline when proper nutrition and exercise are part of daily living. If people have healthy selections available, they can make a better choice. Our team offers healthy options for busy people. The vending option allows convenience, benefits, and delicious foods that busy people need and enjoy. Children can have easy access to healthy foods and reduce the demand on school cafeterias. Larger companies can use the vending option to provide healthy food options without having an onsite food service. The idea of vending machine food trucks allows healthy choices delivered where ever needed. Our company needs to develop continued focus on...