Marketing Samsung Suvey

Market Research Survey

This is a short survey about computing and Tablet PC devises.
All the information that you provide is anonymous and will be kept safely.
1. Do you own and use?
Tablet PC
2. For the various information technologies that you own please state their respective brands. (For example if you own IPhone write Apple)
Tablet PC
3. Which type of tablet do you prefer for your computing needs?
  * Android Tablet
  * iPad
  * Windows Tablet
  * The jury is still out of me
  * I am not using tablet

4. Name three brands that you would consider if you have to purchase a Tablet PC
Brand 1
Brand 2
Brand 3

5. Please rate how important you feel about the fallowing attributes of a tablet PC. Please rate the attributes even if you do not own one or do not to buy one at the moment.

Unimportant Quit Important Important Very Important
Good for internet phoning
(Such as Skype)
The brand of the tablet
Connection with my other devises
Watching TV
Taking photos
Using Internet
Using Social Media
A devices that is very good for games
A devices that I can use for work
A devices that allows me to read a books

6. What do you think about Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1?
  * It's the best on the market
  * It's about average
  * It's the worst on the market
  * There is better product which I would recommend_________________
  * I don't have an opinion
7.Can you please tell how do you fell about fallowing statements?

      Strongly   Strongly
            Disagree Disagree     Unsure       Agree           Agree
I see Tablet as substitutes to laptop                                                                    
I see tablet as substitutes to desktop                                                                                      
I see tablet as substitutes to mobile phones...