Marketing Research

SPSS BACK YARD BBQ 14.1 and 15.1


Back Yard BBQ (BYBBQ) is a fast food restaurant chain, offering local taste which is Aussie-style burgers, fish, salad, chips and so on. According to the expansion its business, the management is concerned with consumer attitude and lifestyles toward the fast food restaurants. This report will help the management to analyse information about gender differences in attitudes towards and preferences for the fast food restaurants. Moreover, it will demonstrate key insights to management in order to develop the business and clarify what variables can affect the visiting restaurant. Therefore, the understanding of consumer perspectives can help BYBBQ to enhance its restaurant satisfying customers’ needs.

1. Create appropriate charts (e.g. bar and pie) on the variables and report your initial insights to the BYBBQ management.


Figure 1: FF restaurant Visits per Month

    The figure 1 illustrates the survey of 300 respondents visiting fast food restaurant per month that the majority of respondents as equal to 34% visit fast food restaurant twice per month whereas the minority of respondents which is 2.3% visit the restaurant seven times or more. However, the mean of visitors at fast food restaurant is three times per month.


Figure 2: Dollars spent per visit

    According to figure 2, the bar graph demonstrates how much dollars customer spent per visit at fast food restaurant surveyed from 300 participants. The greatest number of respondents is 43% who spend $2.01 to $4.00 on fast food restaurant per visit. Conversely, under $2 are spent on fast food restaurant given by 1.3% of respondents. Nevertheless, this graph depicts the average of dollars spent per visit that is $3.39.


    Figure 3: FF Restaurant Visited Most Often in Last 30 days

    The survey of 300 participants in the most often visiting fast food restaurant in last...