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Discovery Communications Digs Out of Mountains of Documents


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An assignment submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirement for MGMT 608
School of Business Management
National University
Professor Renee Weeks
October 4, 2012

Discovery Communications, Inc. is a company that has adopted a new technological advancement in their workflow by implementing knowledge management systems.   Discovery Communications is the world’s number one nonfiction media company servicing its consumers with real-world content through documentaries and television programs (Overview & Mission, 2012).   The company has adopted the new knowledge management system in order to streamline their system of collecting, transferring, securing and managing the company’s information.
What companies were involved in developing DCI’s new system? What role did each company play in the development process?
The companies that were involved in the development of Discovery Communications, Inc. were Carefree Technologies, Lotus Domino Document Manger system, WebSphere Portal, and LexisNexis.   Carefree Technologies, which is an IBM partner company, was brought on by Discovery Communications, Inc. to assist with their document management system and help with the tedious and cumbersome tasks of the company’s personnel (National University, 2009). Carefree Technologies enabled the Lotus Domino Document Manger system to centralize and streamline the process of document creation, filing, management and retrieval of information.   Carefree Technologies also enlisted the use of Web-Sphere to act as a web-based interface for the documents now managed by Lotus Domino Document Manager system to allow Carefree Technologies to customize the knowledge management system to cater to the company’s needs.   This new web-based interface allows the company to create a portal which is a central location, a webpage, which provides access to commonly used information systems and...