Marketing Plan

September 2, 2010

QMC has grown in business. We have started to be recognized as a competitor in the industry. After further analysis, some interesting facts have come to my attention. Due to these facts, this paper will outline a plan that will help to expand the business of QMC.
The target market for QMC will be teens and college students. This market is an excellent target for QMC. Teens and college students are always looking for quality, style, and convenience. According to Market News & Expert News; “47% of college students first began using the internet at home before they arrive at college, and 85% own their own computer” (Greenspan, 2003). This shows that computers and technology is well apart of youths transition into college. With this being said, it is in QMCs’ best interest to target a market that will take our brand and technology with them.
There are many types of customers in any market (Grewal, 2010). QMC will have to concentrate on segmenting the teen and college student marketing to their specific needs. Since we are targeting the teen market, hoping that our brand of product follows them to college, we have to appeal to what their wants, needs, and behaviors are. Most teens use their computers for internet to get on social sites. QMC will need to concentrate on preloaded social software like Facebook, Tweeter, and MySpace. There will need to be links that are accessible in one click. College students use their computers for mostly for research and writing papers. There is some use of social sites, but mostly they concentrate on school work. QMC will have to appeal this market by offering a faster and reliable product. Offering more RAM, DVD/CD , lightweight and cool shells. Having back-to-school and college special rates, would surely grab their attention.
QMC can take hold of its position as technology advancements. Since teens and college students are the target. Teens and Students are always looking for the latest technology...