Marketing Plan

Marketing Plan

Product outline

31 healthy Ice cream’s company is established in New Zealand as a new product of frozen dessert. Due to its popularity, the company provide 31 different ice creams to customers, and almost all the ice creams are 100 percent natural that is advantageous to the person’s body. Also, those are low fat and calories, no table sugar, chemicals, and preservatives. Furthermore, consumers are able to add three toppings from 40 different toppings, such as fruits, sauces and dry sweets on their ice cream and those toppings are included in the price.
There is no doubt that 31 healthy ice cream will become one of the largest frozen desert markets in New Zealand as the company offer new options, such as 40 different toppings and 31 healthy ice creams, and They can create own ice cream by themselves.

Table of Contents
Product outline 2
Exclusive summary 4
Marketing Analysis 6
Current marketing situation 6
Customer analysis 7
Competitor analysis 8
Company Analyses 9
Objectives 9
Issues 9
SWOT situation 10
Strength 10
Weakness 10
Opportunity 11
Treats 11
Marketing strategy 12
Positioning 12
Product strategy 12
Pricing strategy 12
Place of distribution 13
Marketing communication strategy 14
Marketing Research 14
Action Programs 14
Reference list 16

Exclusive summary

31 healthy ice cream is prepared to launch a new valuation of ice cream. The new ice cream has competitive advantage in the current market, because there are new and different facts that huge influence frozen dessert market in New Zealand. These three points take advantageous opportunities in the market;
31 different flavours of ice creams offer at the ice cream shop.
Variety of healthy options is in the ice creams.
40 different toppings consumers can choose and the toppings are included in the price.
In Marketing analyzing part, there are five main parts are presented;