Marketing Plan of Pro Herbal Gel


As the in attendance marketing manager of Hemas pvt ltd the Chief Executive Officer of the company has asked me to frontward a marketing plan on the topic of the launch of the new product.

In this marketing plan I have mentioned all the main areas that I have paid my interest to before the launch of this product which I think is going to be one of the main money-making reserves that the company has done in the earlier period and in the nearby times gone by.

I have in brief explained the atmosphere information of the association, nature of the group, nature of the product. I have also done a SWOT analysis and a BCG portfolio analysis of the in attendance goods of the company.

Ecological analysis on the topic of the launch of the new product is also finished. The lay down marketing objectives for the product is undoubtedly brought forward in this marketing plan. A marketing research has been done to examine the surroundings. PLC of the selected product is explained. Segmentation, targeting and positioning of the market and also a very apparent competitor analysis of the outstanding competitors and the share market is brought ahead.

Strategies that I’m going to agree to in array to achieve the marketing objectives are evidently brought ahead. The marketing mix which is an important section is also thoroughly explained.

Marketing mix.
                      • Product.
                      • Price.
                      • Place / distribution.
                      • Promotion.

Budget distribution for the future year and also the action plan is finished at the closing stages of the marketing plan along with the control and evaluations which is suggested.

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