Marketing Mix

Marketing Mix
Haylee Blanchard
October 11, 2012
Stuart Ringer

Marketing Mix
The most critical phase of launching a new product is implementing the four elements of the marketing mix. Deciding on the product or service an organization is considering to use to capture consumers, determining a price that meets the quality of the product, and guaranteeing the goods are in the right place when consumers are ready to purchase are important factors that require careful planning strategies.   Promoting the organization and product that marketers are attempting to sell is another factor in implementing the elements.   When considering these elements marketers should also take into account the state the economy is in to refrain from setting too high or low of expectations that can result into a disaster.  
With several types of organizations existing marketers must discover a strategy that will help their line of business stand out.   The product an organization offers should capture consumer’s attention.   Marketers must take into consideration what they can offer in means to becoming a successful organization by offering a product or service that will please consumers. Take Exxon Mobil for instance, the largest global oil company everyone is familiar with.     Exxon Mobil became a popular gas station throughout several years of selling crude oil, natural gas, and petroleum products.   Their mission is becoming the global leader in the oil industry.   Consumers rely heavily on these substances to travel back and forth in their motor vehicles, to upkeep their automobiles, and for household purposes as well as many other reasons.   There are three octane levels, including diesel that help meet different needs.   Exxon also provides additives to enhance performances for different purposes.  
With several competitors Exxon serves Mobil brand name products to stay unique.   Exxon Mobil lubricants come with a limited warranty in case of defects the consumer will...