Marketing Mix

Shopping Centres are all about the customer; to get better sales and happier tenants.
The success of a shopping centre depends on a great understanding of consumer behaviour. Stakeholders, marketers and managers of shopping centres study consumer behaviour to gain insights that will lead to more effective marketing strategies such as target market selection, product or services offerings, location and positioning.
The Marketing Mix combines all the marketing tools to establish a detailed marketing plan and reach the company’s marketing objectives.
The designing of an appropriate marketing mix strategy for a shopping centre is a difficult and complex process.
Product refers to the tangible and intangible benefits of a product or service, and how it meets customers' needs.
The Plaza Shopping Centre offers space to retailers and office suites. Tenants generate the income for the Plaza Shopping Centre and the value of this depends on the forecast of consumer demand for the products or services sold by tenants. Through balanced tenancy, the stores are planned to complement each other in the quality and variety of their product offerings.
The total rentable area of Plaza is set to increase by a further 1,600 sqm and the leasing of the new extension is moving according to expectations. At the time of the last public announcement by the company in November 2010, the company had indicated that 70 per cent of the new area had already been leased out.
The March 2011 extension on Bisazza Lane will also enable Plaza to cater for the changing needs of retail operators. Initially, retailers requested smaller shops but with the increased presence of global branded outlets, a demand for larger shop floor area is clearly evident.
The Plaza Shopping Centre is a convenient one stop shop, for quality goods and services, its choice of local and international brand names, as a safe and clean environment and for hosting the “best names under one roof.”