Marketing in Action - Clear & Simple

Marketing in Action – Real Choices at Clear & SIMPLE
Founded in 1999, Clear & SIMPLE is a professional organizing company that teaches home and office organization skills.   Owners Marla Dee and Lisa Parsons try and convince homeowners and businesses that “Getting organized can be Fun, Simple, and Freeing!”   The Clear & SIMPLE Systems boast a “user friendly” language to inspire and empower you to make the changes in your life that you long for.   The systems came into this world through desperation.   As a new Professional Organizer, Marla Dee struggled to find a language and way to teach the skill that came so naturally to her and that all her clients struggled with.   The CLEAR & SIMPLE WAY was born.   The company offers two major systems: (1)
SEE IT – Take a look at where you’ve been and where you are now
MAP IT – Make a Plan for where you want to go
DO IT – Dive into the actions that create the transformation or change
2.   The CHANGE: (S.T.A.C.K.S.)
Each of the above systems trains clients how to identify their problems with clutter and chaos and then shows them how to better organize their space.   Clear & SIMPLE also offers workshops, individual consultation and needs assessment, and a variety of organizational skills books, kits and self-study courses.   The certificate program is also available which enables you to earn a professional organizer certificate and start your own organizing business.  
Clear & SIMPLE has been successful but the increasing number of competitors in the industry and the growing number of internet Web sites on organizing could have a direct impact on its future success.   With the current economy, consumers may also view Clear & SIMPLE as a luxury service and not a necessary expense, therefore, the organizing company may see a decrease in sales.   Marla and her colleagues need to make their brand stand out among their other “neat” competitors...