Marketing Coordinator/Specialist

Guideline for persuasive interview:
  1. Opening the interview
Analyzing the situation
The advantage of this situation and the interviewer
  * The interviewee is a female and the sale representative ( me ) is also female.
  * The interviewee needs a phone so she’s more likely to be interested in the phone.
  * The interviewee is full time accountant at a large accounting firm which shows ability to buy the expensive items in the store.  
The disadvantage of this situation and the interviewer
  * The interviewee might not be similar with Smartphone and may want to buy a phone that is similar to the old one she has.
  * The Smartphone is expensive comparing to other types. The interviewee may not want to spend that much money on just a phone.
  * Smartphone can be complicated example there are programs that might be difficult to learn. Abbey has 4 kids and may feel that it is too much of an effort to learn all applications while she is already busy taking care of the family.

The interviewer will start establishing rapport by simply introducing name, position and role etc. to the interviewee.   Since the interviewee is a female, the interviewer (me as a female also) may compliment her dress or accessories to build trust and create a small talk ( if the interviewer is a male representative, he may have to be careful on this technique because it could come out as he’s being flirty). This may include asking interviewee’s name, talk about the weather or general experience toward ABC Company for example, What’s your name? How’s it going with the cold weather today? have you ever been to our store before? Are you our current customer? Are you looking for anything in particular?
After the small talk, the interviewer will get some ideas about the interviewee. This will allow the interviewer to observe customer’s characteristics, belief, non-verbal code, attitude, and value. Important personal characteristics and attitudes of the interviewee
Abbey is...