Marketing Audit

Manage Quality Customer Service

Assessment 1:

Submitted by:

                      Sheikh Usman Khalid


Question 1:

Explain the importance of Business Manager having a customer service policy that indicates how customer needs are identified and addressed by the business?


Business manager ensures that the customers’ needs are satisfied. Their first aim is to provide best customer service and to promote this idea throughout the organization they work for They work at various levels, from head office to the front end of the business.

• helps in developing and implementation of customer service policy for an entire organization;
• finding means to measure customer satisfaction and improve services
• make regular face to face contact with your customer
• preparing a team of customer services staff

Question 2 :

What are the main indications that a customer or client will use to determine if a business is meeting their needs? Include all aspects of client’s   impression of business ?


    • Reliability
    • Aesthetics
    • Adaptability
    • Functionality
    • Appropriateness
    • Usability

Question 3:

When developing a customer service plan how do you go about setting your products or servic targets and standard? What information is required and who should be evolved in development of such plans?


 Thoroughly examination of customers' perceptions and expectations of a company is included in customer service paln. Products service and targets are specific, achieveable, realistic and time-bound. It ensured the continued operation and usability of your products after their sale. It direct the company through the process of bringing its customer service activities in line with customers' need.Employees must be trained for the development of such plans. The information required in making customer service plan includes expectations of customers for type of...