Marketing and Beyond

There are different concepts of marketing, however we do not deem its importance in all aspects since marketing is primarily more on customer caring, which is more on interpersonal relationships as defined by the Principles of Marketing.

In an article made by Philip Kotler titled, “A Generic Concept of Marketing”, we are given an idea from the title itself that the material is more on the common “generalizations” of different experts and critics alike concerning the real concept of what marketing truly is. Given this, we are introduced to a broader concept of the marketing field which limits itself under the parameters of the observations of different critics and alike.

According to the article of Philip Kotler titled, a generic concept of marketing, marketing evolved from being the original founded branch of applied economics which is entirely devoted to the study of distribution channels to becoming the character of an applied behavioral science that is concerned with understanding buyer and seller systems involved in the marketing of goods and services.

With this being said, in 1969, author Professor Levy advanced the view that marketing is a relevant discipline for all organizations insofar as all organizations can be said to have customers and products.

It is true that the broadening concept of marketing could divert marketing from its “true purposes”, and therefore dilute its contents. From this conclusion, we can concede to the fact that marketing can actually be used in fund raising events, presidential campaigns (and the like), as the marketing concept actually boils down to good customer interpersonal relationships wherein marketers are also concerned with transactions. Transactions, as defined from the article, is the exchange of values between two parties. Thus, we can say that without good socializing skills with other human beings, transaction cannot take place, therefore making the concept of marketing impossible. I mean, one woudn’t dare...