Marketers frequently draw upon the language of relationship marketing and ‘win-win’ relations to describe their activities. But are marketers really interested in having mutually beneficial exchange relationships with all their customers

MARKETERS – are a bridge between seller/manufacture and buyer. They make two
Ends meet at certain point where both are comfortable to deal with each other.
MARKETERS - are a road leading seller/manufacturer to a distant consumer where
A seller does not reach consumer, and consumer does not reach the seller, due to lack of time, knowledge and sources.
MARKETERS - are a right source for a common man/consumer to reach a right product and their needs in the shortest and economical way.
MARKETERS - are the most economical and fastest sources for a seller/manufacture to reach a consumer and inform him/her about the product.

Marketers are building relationships with consumers by providing “Customer care,
And customer loyalty programs “O’Malley, L. and Prothero, A. (2009). They fulfill the needs of the customers and maybe seen as being married to them and satisfying the values. Marketers argue that their relationships with customers “emphasizes cooperation, mutuality, and trust”O’Malley, L. and Prothero, A. (2009).  Marketers need to extend their cooperation to the consumer in providing them the product and services in any respect required by the consumer by involving sellers/manufacture directly or indirectly, which is the Key to Success.   Consumer is happy to buy something new but is satisfied when receives Good Quality of the product as well as   appropriate   services from the seller/manufacturer in case of need. They do it do increase their “effectiveness and efficiency” “O’Malley, L. and Prothero, A. (2009). Marketers are using it as their own advantage to move in the competitive world. The tools and techniques employed are more representative of stalking and rape than they are of courtship and love. This indicates that...