Hospital marketing is a specialized field that deals with connecting patients, physicians, and hospitals in mutual relationships. Marketing a hospital or health system is no different than "marketing" any other non-profit organization like the American Red Cross or your local charity. There are audiences. There are needs. There is a mission statement. Plus medicine in America has always been a business. In today's insurance and reimbursement environment, health care and hospital marketing is more needed than ever to ensure continuing viability of American medicine on the local level and to provide the high quality of individual health care that Americans have come to demand. With these ingredients, there is clearly a need for analysis, strategy and communication to make the most of limited resources while providing compassionate health care. This is what hospital marketing does.
Medical call centers magazine covering telephone triage, physician referral, PBX Attendant Console, physician referral and appointment setting, medical answering service, agent hiring, training, and retention, CRM, legal topics and technical telephony issues. Distributed free to qualified staff at hospital call centers medical related contact centers.
Reprints of hosptial advertisements, segmented by topic and service line. Generally presented without commentary.   Also sponsors annual award contest and produces yearly compilation of print, radio and television ads done by hospitals.
Bi-monthly publication including case studies of multimedia marketing and public relations strategies by hospitals and health systems.
This all services which we use for marketing hospital is value to patients and healthy for hospitals as well. Physician referral, answering services, and telephone triage is value to patients and it gives lots of satisfaction to patient at the time they are suffering from their diseases. Advertisement in magazine gives positive outcome to hospital. It gives enough business...