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Cellular M2M Services in Latin America Redefining the Role of Mobile Operators Research
Report By Hexa Reports

'Cellular M2M Services in Latin America: Redefining the Role of Mobile Operators,' a Telecom Insider
Report by Pyramid Research, looks at the cellular M2M opportunity in Latin America. It focuses on
the role mobile operators play within the M2M value chain to help them identify M2M strategies,
and it analyzes the M2M opportunity on both the demand and supply sides. The first section of the
report examines the major forces driving and inhibiting the demand and supply of M2M services; it
then sizes the M2M market covering seven vertical application categories: telematics/fleet
management, utilities/smart city, security, industrial, financial/retail, health and consumer
electronics. The report also presents case studies from Latin America. We conclude with a summary
of key findings and recommendations.
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Reason To Buy
This Telecom insider helps executives build proactive, profitable growth strategies by offering
comprehensive, relevant analysis of Latin America's cellular M2M markets based on insights directly
from the local market players.
The report offers a wealth of data on cellular M2M markets, with the telematics & fleet
management, utilities & smart cities, security, industrial, financial & retail, health and consumer
electronics examined in detail.
The competitive landscape and the major players are given extra attention, enabling local players or
prospective market entrants to gain the insight they need.
The broad but detailed perspective will help operators, equipment vendors and other telecom
industry players to succeed in the challenging telecommunications market in Latin America.
The report is designed...