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Activated Carbon Market Analysis, Market Size,
Application Analysis, Regional Outlook, Competitive
Strategies and Forecasts, 2014 To 2020

Activated Carbon Market is estimated to reach up to USD 5,255.0 million till 2020 globally. In 2012,
powdered activated carbon dominated the market globally with contribution for over 53% of total
volumes .According to the Research study by Hexa Research, This market is likely to boom in upcoming
years with rising demand of mercury removal applications and drinking water treatment. Activated
carbon market is majorly dominated by Asia Pacific region. Granular activated carbon industry is
expected to reach USD 1,933.4 million till 2020 with the growing CAGR of 14.2% from 2015 to 2020.In
2012 air purification and water treatment industries dominated entire market accounting for around
76% of activated carbon volumes.
By 2020, Air purification market for Activated Carbon is estimated to reach around USD 2,245.2 million
with CAGR over 15% from 2015-2020. Market revenues are estimated to reach around USD 2,095.0
million by 2020 with growing CAGR at 14.2% from 2014 to 2020.Rapid industrialization growth is
expected to drive Activated carbon market globally.
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Activated carbon which is basically used for liquid, vapor and gas treatment, is also effective is removing
chlorine to make water consumable.GAC market is likely to experience considerable growth in next six
years. With increasing environmental concerns for reduction of emission of acid gases, mercury from
coal plants is the main factor for growth of the market over forecast period. Few US environmental
protection agencies have set the standards for air toxicity and mercury.
Manufacturers have upgraded their coal plants according to the system of injecting activated carbon in
flues gases to...