Market Equilibrating Process

Regulatory Risk Plan
Raul Huertas
Business Law/ Law/531
March 23, 2010
Vasilis Katsafanas

An examination of selected areas of Alumina, Inc was made to determine that internal controls are in effect and Company policies and procedures are being complied with.
This Regulatory Risk Plan is divided in two sections. The first section outlines those descriptions of exposure. The second section outlines Legal Issue.

I. Description of Exposure
A. Issues for Waste water
1. Release of effluents into Lake Dira. Particulate matter and fumes from smelting operations.
a. Disposal of hazardous waste from manufacturing and processing operations.
B. Plant Facility
1. Surrounding campus
2. lake exposure to trespassers
C. Global Operations
1. World wide liability for movement of goods
2. Operations
3. Product liability
4. Taxation
D. Directors and Officers
1. Suits against the company for mismanagement
E. Actual Court Case
1. Relationship with Kelly Bates , How to defend the company with out incurring liability
F. Release of EPA report from five years ago
II. Legal Issues
A. Issues for Waste water
1. Alumina, Inc. has to implement a program that treats optimally the waste water that its throw into the lake Dira, developing procedures, and policies that engage Alumina, Inc with the local community, and regulatory compliance.
a. Alumina, Inc. should build up a contingency plan to attack and uproot this matter that damages the reputation of the company.
b. Because the accident five years ago, and because they are still operating at the same premises Alumina has the responsibility to avoid further errors at the operational level.
B.   Plant Facility
      1. It is assumed that the plant facility and surrounding campus are accessible to the public. Alumina should ensure that there are adequate signs warnings about the danger to which humans are exposed through contact with chemicals processed and discarded by Alumina, Inc.
      2. Lake Dira is open...