Markating and Financial

Financial planning;
Wear and tear
As a childminder i can claim an allowance of 10% of the childminding fees received as an allowance for wear and tear on my house used for child minding.

For example if a childminder receives £10,000 in childminding fees then a wear and tear allowance of £1,000 will be allowed as an expense. i.e. £10,000 x 10% = £1,000.

Food and drink
Reasonable estimates for the costs of food and drink provided for the children being cared for are acceptable and receipts will be kept but not always required.

Car expenses
where appropriate as a childminder I can use the authorised mileage rates within the Fixed Profit Car Scheme as a basis for their claims. This charge is a charge of 40p per mile for the first 10,000 miles travelled in one year and 25p after that.

However the actual cost of car expenses for childminding purposes can be claimed instead.

Other costs
The following types of item can also be deducted as allowable expenses, toys, outings, books, safety equipment, stationary, travel fares, the NCMA subscription, public liability insurance premiums and the actual cost of telephone use for childminding purposes.

Receipts will always be kept, however items costing under £10 may not have to have a supporting receipt.

I will be advertising my childminding services in many different ways.
I have started designing posters and business cards and will advertised my services in local shops nurseries and children centres and schools.
I will take my business very seriously and the responsibility of running the business, in planning, practise and managing the accounts.
The first impressions parents make of me will be so important. This is my opportunity to promote yourself, something most of us are not good at doing. Having a portfolio containing details of my experience, qualifications and training will be very professional and clear to the parents of my experience and history.