First 1 – Leading a canoeing team
What? – I was captain of the canoeing team and unexpectedly one of the guys in the canoe had a leg spasm. As a leader, I had to make a decision to perform first aid or wait for help. One of the team members wanted to go home early, therefore after a quick discussion, I decided to perform first aid as the spasm could get severe and can put us in an even more problematic situation. However, as the majority of the members supported me, we had performed first aid and everything returned to normal.
What? – First aid is very significant skill to learn as it could be useful anytime. When I made my decision, I first considered the skills that I had possessed as well as the outcomes of my actions.  I based my skills on my optimism and previous experience during hill walking in Glen Etive. As a leader of this team, I had to combine the powers and responsibilities entrusted to me with the motivation of people to achieve the solution of this problem. Therefore, I have used leadership qualities such as the ability to motivate and vision. I had to inspire my team so they do not stop on the way to achieve something else.
What? – I will attend leadership courses to gain additional knowledge about dealing with these types of situations. A leader must have a harmonious blend of qualities. Excessive aggressiveness may be harmful to me as it could create conflict between team leader and member. The decision-making requires that leaders to use not only their skills but also their emotional maturity, which is expressed in the ability and commitment to meet problematic situations. Therefore I should work more on my emotional side to avoid problems. Collaborations with team members can increase the productivity of the team while boosting their motivation. In my opinion, a good leader not only maintains high standards, but also constantly raises the bar for excellence in all areas. I must evolve and consciously perceive the surrounding...