Marie Claire's Advertisement

While browsing through the new issue of Marie Claire I flipped to an LG Chocolate Touch ad. At first I assumed it to be a neutral point of view for the phone but with further analysis I realized that this ad was definitely a cultural determinist point of view. It displays the Chocolate Touch in its social context and draws attention to how society is conditioning the phone's development.
The promotion of this ad is centered around the Chocolate Touch's sound capabilities. In order to amplify this message the headline of the ad states "Listening to Ciara on the new LG Chocolate Touch sounds almost as amazing as listening to Ciara herself." This line plays to the popularity of Ciara as a musician because the advertisers want to connect with a the public by targeting their interests. The portion that states "almost as amazing as listening to Ciara herself" paired with the image of a regular Joe surrounded by Ciara and her back-up dancers almost allows the viewer to mentally tele-port to one of her concerts to remember what the music sounds like; for it to be so intense that you could feel the beat vibrate throughout your body. The two phone models   that are on either side of the centered image of Ciara, dancers and average Joe makes the phones appear to be concert speakers. This contributes to the product's catering to pop culture in order to capture the attention of an audience.
On the upper left side of the ad in red font color it states "So, is it a phone? Or something better?" This line along with the LG logo and the word 'Chocolate' are thoughtfully placed one underneath the other on the left hand side of the page for a reason. It guides the viewers eyes to make a connection between the tag line and the word chocolate as a treat. The fact that most people enjoy chocolate and that their phone model is chocolate colored reiterates that point. The viewers focus goes from the tag line to the phone model displaying a manual sound EQ control on its screen to...