Margaret Atwood - True Trash Analysis

True Trash – Story Analysis
According to the short story, Margaret Atwood had instigated the message that genders are somewhat classified and stereotyped in a way so that one must follow a certain behavior depending on the type of person they are and it creates a border on how one must perceive their opinions and ideas. To be more specific, in response to the boys’ perspective, Donny believes that when he sees the older girls, he is conceived to feel lust for them and must be treated with less dignity and with fear and caution; almost like seeing an animal. To prove this statement, the boys would see the girls as a herd of skinned seals, who would be “barking” and “snorting” as they read their magazines; giving the impression that the girls are dogs or pigs. Furthermore, just like how animals may be treated, the boys happen to treat the girls, especially Ronette, to be cheap and define them by their bodies and their physical appearance and not through their feelings and thoughts. Finally, the boys happen to behave to their situation by spying on the girls with fear since they are hiding in a bush and watching them through binoculars, giving themselves the image of being hunters hunting such majestic beings, and therefore, stating that boys would act more aggressive and more unorthodox to satisfy their pleasures and would act more dangerous. Therefore, this is why Atwood’s short story goes to prove that gender does take a role in setting up how one is supposed to think and act towards others.