March 13th 1915 Neuve Chapelle , Western Front

It's been three long days, days of hell I dare say. We the allies are 'Fighting for the good of mankind' by storming through the Artois region of France. I hate it, the guns, the grenades, the rations , the aching of muscle and bone, the screams and cries of good men turned soldiers wishing they could just walk into No mans' land and end it all. I hate why we must fight against Germany. This isn't our FIGHT, how could our leaders be so stupid in sacrificing men left , right and centre as they stay in their comfy beds next to their wives, while we sleep in these tunnels of agony we call the trenches.
I thank god at least for sparing my life, but deeply saddened by the losses of my squad, allies, friends, brothers. You see that's the thing no one tells you. You enlist in the army to do your part , to fight for your country . But as each battle quickly erodes any ideas of patriotism, you fight for one simple reason. The person on your left and the person on your right. You fight to protect them , your mate.

At the moment we stand at a victory no closer than we did a week ago. The enemy is tough , just as we are. The smell of the trenches is one no human should have to bare. A mixture of blood, bullets , gunpowder , faeces , mud have concocted to form something horrible. The worse part is I feel my feet hurting so much, I fear they maybe infected and I must see the medic whenever a stalemate will be called.

March 15th.

Small progress has been achieved with the British army as we move our line of attack forward.the French army has to be retreated , casualties are in thousands. Those casualties were once someone's father, son , uncle , friend and we show them no respect by just calling them 'casualties' as Prime minister Asquith said it over the wireless.
Food , water , munitions are running low on our side, the Germans seem to be shooting less as well. God help us all.
More importantly god forgive us all. I am a British born catholic...