Many Work of Literature Contain Violence

“Many works of literature contain violence. Discuss this in relation to two or more works studied”

Violence, based on the dictionary means; abusive or unjust exercise of power it is a common theme in stories, poems and plays. In the case of “Lord of the flies” written by William Golding and in the poems written by Wilfred Owen violence is one of the main themes as it accomplish the author’s purpose which is raise awareness and criticize society.
Analyzing the novel “Lord of the flies” violence is an important theme, as well as the other themes which include; loss of innocence, fear, power, religion and primitively. Nevertheless all the themes are directly or indirectly related to violence. As violence, in the case of the story, it is commonly seen between children. All characters were involved in the development and increase of violence seen throughout the whole text.
      Simon and Piggy, are two important characters in the novel, as Simon was a Christ like figure who was the only one to understand the truth about the beast while Piggy represented the voice of reason and a link to the adult world, will “not be able to go back home” as they both suffer from a tragic and brutal death. In the case of Simon, once he confronts the beast and acknowledges that it is “harmless and horrible” and only controlled within their minds, he runs off to explain the others about his discovery. Once he reaches camp, he is attacked by the boys “tearing of teeth and claws” until he is finally dead. The author also relates Simon’s death to the weather, after his death the “clearness was full of strange, moonbeam-bodied creatures with fiery eyes” which then resulted in a big storm. Ironically the storm washed away the body of Simon and the dead parachutist, giving evidence that the beast does not exist.
      Piggy, also suffers from a tragic death, when both Piggy and Ralph decide to visit Jack’s camp in order to get back Piggy’s glasses, once they reach Castle Rock, both...